The crunch of an apple makes me want to run away

Margot Noel has a condition called misophonia, which literally means “hatred of sound”. It can be so disturbing that she has to wear headphones or ear plugs to protect herself. Someone takes a bite out of an apple. There’s a drawn-out crunch as the teeth break through the tough skin of the fruit. The noise […]

Hyponatraemia Inquiry: GMC investigates two doctors

Image caption The children who died were Adam Strain, Raychel Ferguson, Claire Roberts and Conor Mitchell. Lucy Crawford’s family chose not to release a photograph The General Medical Council is investigating two more doctors linked to the Hyponatraemia Inquiry. The inquiry examined the deaths of five children in Northern Ireland. Dr Heather Steen and Dr […]

Google halts glucose-sensing contact lens project

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionIn this video from 2014, Google said the sensors on the smart contact lens were so small they looked like bits of glitter A firm from Google’s parent company Alphabet has stopped working on one of its first projects – a contact lens designed to monitor blood […]

When a College Student Comes Home to Stay

In college culture, binge drinking is common. Whereas once kids drank to have fun, as early as the 2000s researchers began seeing a trend of kids drinking to manage negative emotions. They are also increasingly using pot as a way to manage anxiety, but chronic use may actually contribute to anxiety and mood disorders, as […]

Living in a cold, dark climate linked to heavy drinking

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There are calls for restrictions on alcohol advertising in the winter months People who live in cold climates with less sunlight could be more likely to drink heavily, according to a study. US research has established a possible link between average temperature, hours of sunlight and alcohol consumption. Data […]

Omega-3s May Lower the Risk of Preterm Birth

Image Taking omega-3 supplements during pregnancy may lower the risk for preterm birth, a review of studies has found. The analysis, in the Cochrane Reviews, considered 70 randomized trials that included almost 20,000 women. A few studied fish consumption, but most tested supplements of omega-3 fatty acids, the fats found in fish. The researchers found […]

Blackpool hospital medic held over ‘poisoning’ claims

Image copyright Google Image caption Police said the investigation was at a very early stage A healthcare professional at a hospital has been arrested over the alleged administration of poison or a noxious substance to patients. Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust raised concerns over care to some patients on 8 November, Lancashire Police said. […]

The Case Against Appendectomies – The New York Times

Even though about two patients in five treated with antibiotics later required an operation, the advantages of a nonsurgical approach for those who were spared a recurrence of appendicitis include avoiding potential complications from anesthesia and surgery and a much longer recovery. Still, you may want to know, why keep this organ, given that 7 […]